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Several new items have been added to the online store today.

Another round of Hackmaster miniatures have been added, most of them we had at Gen Con this year.

SKU Name Price
KC-4058 Simian Orcs (4) $16.95
KC-4071 Human Barbarian $4.95
KC-4079 Half Elf Female Fighter $4.95
KC-4080 Human Magic User $6.50
KC-4082 Aarnz Hound $6.50
KC-4105 Sivian Banshee $7.50
KC-4075 Elf Male Thief $5.50
KC-4076 Elf Male Magic User $4.95
KC-4074 Dwarven Male Battle Mage $4.95
KC-4077 Elf Female Magic User $4.95
KC-4081 Ape Shaman Warrior $5.95
KC-4086 Hordling 1 $7.50
KC-4099 Human Female Cleric $5.50
KC-4139 Gnome Male Fighter $4.95

We have also added three special order wood miniature boxes for the Chaos Wars line. Check them out in the Miniature Box Category. There are three types of wood, Natural Ash, Red and Black stained Flame Birch and Wenge and African Mahogany.

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