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Iron Wind Metals would like to extend a warm welcome to BV Traders Mike and Chuck, who will be officially taking over running our convention booths starting with this year’s Origins in June. Mike and Chuck are seasoned convention vets, and have worked our Gencon booth with Jim Fox for the several years in addition to their own con booths at many eastern shows. 

We also want to say farewell and good luck to Mr. Fox, who has started a new career and will be stepping down from working conventions. Jim has represented IWM on the con trails for years, and will be missed - although we still expect to see him at cons, only having fun not just working.

We are also very glad to say that Mark, Beth, and the rest of the regular crew plan to continue to do Origins and Gencon as well, as often as they are able.

So, aloha to Jim and welcome aboard to Mike and Chuck. We’ll see you at the conventions…


                                                                                                            Mike Noe



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