Attention: If you want your order by Christmas, order by December 7th. This is for Domestic USA, for international orders they will most likely arrive after.

For the 2016 Conventions, we will have several convention specials, first is the Limited Edition Trebaruna. The below link will have a image of the LE Jumper. The second item that will be at Gen Con is the Undead Lance Pack, which contains the Cadaver CVR-A1, Exhumer EXR-2X, Mortis MS-1P, and Gravedigger GDR-1C/1D. The newest additions to the convention specials are the 200 ton Orca OC-1X SuperHeavy Mech and the early release of the new Classic Shadow Hawk SHD-2H.

All of the below links also have images of the Mechs that will be for sale, except for the Standing Trebaruna.

2016 Limited Edition Trebaruna TR-XB

Undead Lance Pack

Orca OC-1X SuperHeavy Mech

New Classic Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

Question everyone wants to know for those who can not make it to Gen Con, When will the convention specialists be available.

A few weeks after Gen Con, releasing to IWM Web storeĀ 

- Orca OC-1X

- Trebaruna (Standing)

4th Quarter 2016, releasing to IWM Web store and Distribution for Lance Pack and Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

- Undead Lance Pack

- Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

- Limited Edition Trebaruna (Jumping)

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