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Gen Con is this week and Iron Wind Metals will be at the show (Booth 1515) with the usual full Battletech Line, Bulk Fantasy and Sci-Fi bins, Hackmaster, and a variety of other items for sale. The list below is all of the new Battletech releases that we will have at the show. I will update the page with a link to the new release images. There could be a few other items for sale at the show if they are ready in time.

Images of the new releases at Gen Con

IWM Gen Con 2021 Show Release Pictures

Product Alpha Lists

pdf Battletech Alpha List (72 KB)

pdf Battletech Alpha List Small BT (17 KB)

Gen Con Releases
SKU Name Tons Price
Summer 2021 Releases
20-5194 Sojourner Prime 60 $15.95
20-5195 Archer ARC-9W 70 $16.95
20-5196 Goliath C 80 $18.95
Web Only New Releases at Gen Con
BT-445 BattleMech Recovery Vehicle   $20.00
BT-463 War Crow A 70 $17.00
BT-467 Hierofalcon B 45 $15.00



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