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Dear IWM Customer,

Iron Wind Metals will be instituting a price increase effective April 7th, 2021. IWM online store will be in maintenance mode at 9PM (EST) on the 7th until the price update is completed. IWM’s last general price raise was several years ago, and even longer for some of the miniature lines. Our costs for materials have risen a lot since the last increase, as has payroll and other overhead.

This price increase for mainline BattleTech Mechs and Vehicles will be around a 9% increase overall. Smaller BattleTech items, such as many of the BT’s will be somewhat more, and parts, which have always been badly underpriced will be going up significantly. This is because the largest part of our cost, especially on smaller pieces, is labor and other overheads, not metal weight. The larger, heavier items are generally going up less, to help hold overall prices as low as we can.

IWM Fantasy and Sc-Fi minis will also be increasing in price, as it has been longer for a general increase on those items and many were seriously underpriced as well. We highly value your business, and hope that you understand our need to do this price increase.

Thank you for your continued support…


                                                                                                                  Michael Noe



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