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Gen Con 52 is getting closer and Iron Wind Metals will be at the show (Booth 2543) with the usual full Battletech Line, Bulk Fantasy and Sci-Fi bins, Hackmaster, Chaos Wars, Gendel Resin Terrain, SciFi Resin Building and a variety of other items for sale. The list below is all of the new Battletech releases that we will have at the show and Con Specials such as Lance Pack & some surprises (More Info to Come). I will update the list as we get close to the show as I am able to confirm what else will make it, also will have more images.

Lance Packs (excluding new 3150 Jade Falcon Mech Pack) are buy two and get 20% off. The 25mm MechWarrior Faction Blisters are $20.00 each for all 8 of that factions figures, we have a con special deal of buy 5 of any of the faction blisters for $80.00. We also have three different D6 dice for sale at $2.00 each, Iron Wind Metals, Ral Partha and Chaos Wars logos on the "6" side.

There will not be a Limited Edition at Gencon due to scheduling issues. There will still be something released later this year on IWM web store for Battletech's 35th Anniversary.

In honor of Battletechs 35th Anniversary we will have the Clear Resin Exterminator and for the first & only time the original Leviathan Heavy Transport for sale at the show. Both will be in limited quantities so only 1 of each per purchase. There will be a certain quantity put aside for Thursday and Friday of the show, with Saturday & Sunday having the remaining units for sale.

 Images of Gen Con 2019 Releases

Product Alpha Lists

pdf Battletech Alpha List (72 KB)

pdf Battletech Alpha List Small BT (17 KB)

Record Sheets

  pdf Thor II E (357 KB)

  pdf Thunderbolt IIC 2 (389 KB)  

Gen Con Releases
SKU Name Tons Price
Other Releases at GenCon
BT-434 Leonidas Battle Armor   $1.20
BT-435 Shen Long Battle Armor (3) - 3 wpn options   $4.00
BT-436 Buraq (Standard) Battle Armor   $1.50
BT-437 Regulator Hovertank (Arrow IV) 45 $7.75
BT-444 Flatbed Truck (2) - Cargo & Wpn options 10 $11.50
35th Battletech Anniversary Con Specials
Clear Resin Exterminator*   $20.00
Leviathan Heavy Transport*   $50.00
*Available at GenCon only and in limited quantities. 1 of each Per Purchase.
25mm MechWarrior Faction Blisters
Davion Davion Faction Blister   $20.00
Kurita Kurita Faction Blister   $20.00
Liao Liao Faction Blister   $20.00
Marik Marik Faction Blister   $20.00
Steiner Steiner Faction Blister   $20.00
Buy 5 of any Faction Blister for $80.00
3150 Jade Falcon Mech Pack (Con Special)
3150JadeFalcon Gyrfalcon 4 55 $49.95
Thunderbolt IIC 2  70
Thor II E 70
Jupiter 3 100



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