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Chaos Wars Kickstarter Wave 3 Available now

The new items from the Chaos Wars Kickstarter Wave 3 are available now in out online store. There are the new factions, Fae and Dryads, and then expanded Chaos Warriors. The Campaign book for the...

Iron Wind Metals at GenCon 2019

Gen Con 52 is getting closer and Iron Wind Metals will be at the show (Booth 2543) with the usual full Battletech Line, Bulk Fantasy and Sci-Fi bins, Hackmaster, Chaos Wars, Gendel Resin Terrain,...

1st Quarter 2019 Battletech Releases in webstore

New Battletech Releases are now available from Iron Wind Metals web store, in the Battletech New Release Category. SKU Name Tonnage Price 1st Quarter 2019 Distribution...

Iron Wind Metals at Origins 2019

Iron Wind Metals will be at Origins 2019 at booth 1125, come see us.We will have the full Battletech product line at the conventions, Ral Partha Fantasy, and other lines exclusive to conventions....

Shout out for Monster Fight Club Kickstarter

Check out Monster Terrain Kickstarter by Monster Fight Club for some excellent looking terrain for your gaming needs.

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