Thursday November 25th through Monday November 29th, the coupon code IWMBF21 for 20% off an order of $80 or more for your holiday shopping needs. The only exclusion to the discount is on the resin Battletech Dropships.

Attention: Shipping to Australia and New Zealand is temporally suspended, due to USPS temporally suspending First Class package International Service and Priority Mail International due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Iron Wind Metals will be at Gen Con 2016 in a few weeks at Booth 1157. We will have all of our usual items for sale at the show along with our 2016 Convention Specials that will be for sale.

As usual, we will have all of the BT codes, Archived items, and past Convention Specials. The resin buildings and some of the Grendel Resin will also be at the show. The Iron Wind Metals paint brushes and ThreeBond Super glue as well.

The special on Lance Packs (excluding new Undead Lance pack), buy 2 get 10% off or buy 4 and get 20% off will return again this year.

We have a over stock sale this year on both of the previous two year Lance Pack (3145 Kurita & ROTS) and Scapha Tank Packs for $30.00 at the show. To help move inventory from our show stock.

 Battletech Alpha List

 Battletech Alpha List Small BT 

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