Gen Con 2013 Announcement

Gen Con is just a few weeks away and we have a few new things to announce that will make the show. Come see us at Booth 1103.

As usual we will have all of the Battletech Archive, Online Exclusive BT and FT lines, and Mini Mechs at the show. This includes all of the Battle Armor, Infantry, Dropships, and Micro Fighters in Blue Bins. Also past years Limited Edition Mechs are available for sale. Attached to this post is a PDF file of the Battletech Alpha List and Numeric Order List.

Also we have a full stock of Resin Dropships. Map Scale Leopard, Broadsword, Union, Overlord, and Overlord C. Mech Scale Leopard $79.95 (Limited Quantities) is also in stock.

Primitive Lance Pack $45.00 (Limited Quantities)
TDR-1C Thunderbolt Mech (XTRO Primitives III PDF – 65 Tons)
LGB-0C Longbow Mech (XTRO Primitives III PDF – 85 Tons)
WSP-1 Wasp Mech (XTRO Primitives II PDF – 20 Tons)
BNC-1E Banshee Mech (XTRO Primitives II PDF – 95 Tons)

See Announcement for images and gallery links.

Limited Edition
Super-Griffin GRF-2N-X (Jumping) $20.00
Super-Griffin GRF-2N-X (Standing) $18.00
Both Super-Griffin GRF-2N-X $35.00

Convention Exclusives New for 2013
Grand Titan T-IT-N14R "Vengeance" $17.95
Gestalt D2X-G $12.50
Revenant UBM-1A $11.00

See previous Annoucement for more information and images.

Fortress Map Scale Dropship (Limited Quantities) $59.95

See previous Announcement for more information and images.

Iron Wind Metals Resin Buildings and new Hex Terrain will be available at Gen Con. See the previous Annoucement for more information and images about the original five buildings. There are three new buildings, Large, Medium, and Small Office Buildings. Images for the new Buildings and Terrain will be up in the gallery as they are available.

Since the selling of the Primitive Shadow Hawk and Nighthawk Battle Armor was successful at Gen Con last year. We are adding last years XTRO Lance Pack Mechs to be sold individually for anyone who wants more of them.

Special on Battletech Lance Packs that we have at the show, including Battleforce packs. If you purchase two Lance packs, get 10% off. If you purchase four Lance packs you get 20% off. Excludes Primitive Lance Pack.

We now carry 3-Bond Brand Super Glue and Accelerant at the Conventions. We have different types and sizes for sale at the show. Price Ranging from $4.95 to $9.95.

Both sets of IWM Paint Brushes are for sale in the Booth, price of $8.95.

Fighting Pirannha Graphics will also be for sale in the Booth, price of $5.50 per sheet.

Xmarx Terrain will be cared again in the booth for people to purchase. To see the list of all of the Xmarx Terrain that will be in the booth check out the following link.

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