Iron Wind Metals at Origins 2015

Origins is just a few weeks away and we have a few new things to announce that will make the show.

As usual we will have all of the Battletech Archive, Online Exclusive BT and FT lines, and Mini Mechs at the show. This includes all of the Battle Armor, Infantry, Dropships, and Micro Fighters in Blue Bins. Also past years Limited Edition Mechs are available for sale.

Coming Soon to this post is a PDF file of the Battletech Alpha List and Numeric Order List.

Also we have a full stock of Resin Dropships. Map Scale Leopard, Broadsword, Union, Fortress, Overlord, and Overlord C. Mech Scale Leopard $79.95 (Limited Quantities) is also in stock.

Limited Edition
Mortis MS-1A (Jumping) $20.00
Mortis MS-1A (Standing) $15.00

Convention Specials
All 20 LAM's will be at the show for sale individually and SKU / Pricing will be in the PDF list.

Iron Wind Metals Resin Buildings and Hex Terrain. See the previous Annoucement for more information and images about the original five buildings. There are three new buildings, Large, Medium, and Small Office Buildings. Images for the Buildings and Terrain are in the gallery.

Ral Partha's Chaos Wars Kickstarter

A special thanks to everyone who helped fund the Chaos Wars Kickstarter. Check out the message from Mike and Marc about the successful funding over at Ral Partha Website

May Archive Special Return Poll

Over at the IWM Forum on, we have the May Archive Special Return Poll. The poll is open until June 11st 2015 and the top four winners will be sold for the month of June without the Archive Fee.

Monthly Specials Updated

Check out our new Monthly Specials

2015 1st Quarter Releases for sale on IWM web store

December 2014 Releases are posted in the New Release Category.

20-5111 Night Stalker NSR-K3 TRO 3145 40 Tons $11.50
20-5112 Agrotera AGT-1A TRO 3145 50 Tons $12.50
20-5114 Zeus-X ZEU-X4 TRO 3145 80 Tons $14.95
20-5115 Ostwar OWR-3M / 2M TRO 3085 65 Tons $13.50

Ral Partha Chaos Wars Kickstarter has launched

Proud to announce that the kickstarter for Ral Partha's Chaos Wars has launched. Campaign ends on May 18th.

Here is the link:

Includes 24 Elves, 24 Orcs & Goblins, 19 Add-Ons, 10 Stretch Goals, and introductory rules.

Take a look, and thank you for considering the project.

Relaunch of Ral Partha website

In preparation for the return of The Chaos Wars, we have relaunched Ral Partha Website.

It is intended to be a home for all miniature gamers, painters, and collectors that want customizability in their Fantasy purchases.

We will be hosting User Galleries, experimental wargame rules, classic rules sets, videos on how miniatures are made, interviews with industry legends, and much more.

We are just getting started. Consider this your invitation to join us.

April Archive Special Return Poll Winners

The winners of the Archive Special Return Poll have been posted in the Archive Special Return Category.

The winners will be up for sale without the Archive Fee until the end of the next poll in May.

ASR20-634 Epona Tank (2) $10.50
ASR20-710 Transgressor Fighter $10.50
ASR20-964 Salamander Battle Armor $13.50
ASR20-986 Kage Battle Armor $12.95
ASR20-642 Berserker $13.95
ASR20-692 Hercules $12.50

Monthly Specials updated

Check out our new Monthly Specials

April Battletech Archive Special Return Poll

Over at the IWM Forum on, we have the April Archive Special Return Poll. The poll is open until April 14th 2015 and the top four winners will be sold for the month of April without the Archive Fee.

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