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June & July Archive Special Return Poll Winners

The winners of the Archive Special Return Poll have been posted in the Archive Special Return Category.

The winners will be up for sale without the Archive Fee until the end of the next poll in September.

ASR20-929 Ursus $10.50
ASR20-697 Chameleon $11.25
ASR20-370 Baboon $8.50
ASR20-916 Merlin $11.95
ASR20-286 Hawk Moth $10.50

Chaos Wars Starter Sets now available

The Chaos Wars Starter Sets are now available to purchase.

Find more out about Chaos Wars at Ral Partha Website

Castles and Crusades KickStarter a shout-out

IWM and Ral Partha recommend checking out this really cool KickStarter from Castles and Crusades – an expansion of their Mythos series.

“The Mythos series sets out to explore the legends and mythos of the past, to unearth the wealth of material that lies in the fantastic imaginings of a world long gone and bring them to your gaming table.”

Iron Wind Metals at GenCon 2015 Booth 509

GenCon 2015 is next week.....

As usual we will have all of the Battletech Archive, Online Exclusive BT and FT lines, and Mini Mechs at the show. This includes all of the Battle Armor, Infantry, Dropships, and Micro Fighters in Blue Bins. Also past years Limited Edition Mechs are available for sale.

The PDF files of the Battletech Alpha List and Small BT Alpha List are posted at end of this announcement.

Also we have a full stock of Resin Dropships. Map Scale Leopard, Broadsword, Union, Fortress, Overlord, and Overlord C. Mech Scale Leopard $79.95 (Limited Quantities) is also in stock.

Images of 2015 Con Specials and Limited Edition mechs are in the gallery.

Limited Edition
Mortis MS-1A (Jumping) $20.00
Mortis MS-1A (Standing) $15.00

Convention Specials
CE-008 Exterminator EXT-4C Null Signature Variant $20.00(Made out of Clear Resin, Very limited number)
3145 Republic of the Sphere Lance Pack $49.95 (Lament LMT-4RC, Mad Cat MkII 5, Doloire D, and Malice MAL-XT)
BT-352 Doloire B $14.95
BT-353 Mad Cat MkII 4 $16.75
BT-347 Revenant UBM-2R3 $11.00
All 20 LAM's will be at the show for sale individually and SKU / Pricing will be in the PDF list.
BT-305 Thor II Prime $13.95
BT-311 Savior Repair Vehicle $12.95
BT-313 Regulator II $6.95
BT-319 Wheeled APC $0.80

2015 Convention Specials

2015 Convention Specials

Limited Edition Mechs
Mortis MS-1A (Jumper) $20.00
Mortis MS-1A (Standing) $15.00

Below are all of the Con Specials that will be at Gen Con 2015. Though the Exterminator will be in limited numbers at Historicon.

CE-008 Exterminator EXT-4C Null Signature Variant Price coming soon(Made out of Clear Resin, Very limited number) Limited Number will be at Historicon

3145 Republic of the Sphere Lance Pack $49.95 GenCon Release
Lament LMT-4RC
Mad Cat MkII 5
Doloire D
Malice MAL-XT)

BT-352 Doloire B $14.95 GenCon Release
BT-353 Mad Cat MkII 4 $16.75 GenCon Release
BT-347 Revenant UBM-2R3 $10.25 GenCon Release

See images in the Con Special Preview Gallery. Note the images for some of the con specials are of the converted master, so there are a few differences in the final production models. As soon as I have production minis assembled I will post them if there is time before GenCon.

Historicon 2015 Convention, July 16th to 19th

Historicon 2015 - Fredericksburg, VA - July 16th - 19th, is coming up and IWM will be at the convention represented by Jim Fox.

Limited Edition Mortis mechs and the new BT Web Only items (debuted at Origins) and maybe some other items....

Also available at the Conventions, ThreeBond Super Glue, IWM Paint Brushes, X-Marx Terrain, IWM Resin Terrain, Grendel Resin and Map Scale & Mech Scale Dropships.

Attached to this post are some PDF's for the blister product and small Battle Armor and Micro Fighters in the Blue Bins.

Monthly Specials updated

Check out our new Monthly Specials

Dinosaurs Special

Dinosaurs Specials

25% off Retail

In honor of the new Jurassic World movie, the Dinosaurs are on sale.

See all of the sale items in the Dinosaurs Category

Monthly Specials Updated

Check out our new Monthly Specials

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