2014 Con Specials available on IWM Webstore

The 2014 Con Specials are available for sale on the webstore now.

BT-292 Shiro 2P $14.95
BT-293 Hitotsume Kozo 1P $12.50
BT-294 Hatamoto-Suna $14.95
BT-295 Procyon (Standing) ProtoMech $5.95
BT-296 Ares Zeus $49.95
BT-297 Ares Hera $49.95
BT-298 Ares Hades $49.95
BT-299 Ares Aphrodite $49.95
BT-300 Ares Hephaestus $49.95
BT-301 Poseidon $49.95
CE-007 Scapha Hovertank Prime - H $39.95
TripodSixPack All 5 Ares and Poseidon $250.00

Gen Con 2014 Announcement

Gen Con is just a few weeks away and we have a few new things to announce that will make the show. Come see us at Booth 509.

As usual we will have all of the Battletech Archive, Online Exclusive BT and FT lines, and Mini Mechs at the show. This includes all of the Battle Armor, Infantry, Dropships, and Micro Fighters in Blue Bins. Also past years Limited Edition Mechs are available for sale.

Coming Soon to this post is a PDF file of the Battletech Alpha List and Numeric Order List.

Also we have a full stock of Resin Dropships. Map Scale Leopard, Broadsword, Union, Fortress, Overlord, and Overlord C. Mech Scale Leopard $79.95 (Limited Quantities) is also in stock.

Limited Edition
Agrotera AGT-1A (Jumping) $20.00
Agrotera AGT-1A (Standing) $15.00

Convention Exclusives New for 2014
Coming Soon :)

Iron Wind Metals Resin Buildings and new Hex Terrain will be available at Gen Con. See the previous Annoucement for more information and images about the original five buildings. There are three new buildings, Large, Medium, and Small Office Buildings. Images for the new Buildings and Terrain will be up in the gallery as they are available.

August Battletech Archive Special Return Poll Winners for sale

The winners of the Archive Special Return Poll have been posted in the Archive Special Return Category.

The winners will be up for sale without the Archive Fee until the end of the next poll in August.

ASR20-673 Starslayer $10.50
ASR20-324 Tundra Wolf $12.95
ASR20-620 Gunslinger $12.50
ASR20-722 Anhur Transport VTOL $11.95
ASR20-979 Raiden Battle Armor (24) $13.50

2014 Con Specials

Here is the first announcement for the 2014 Con Specials. We will be adding more to this announcement as more items are confirmed.

This year there is a theme to all specials and that has to do with 3145. All of the con specials are new equipment from that Era.

When we have pictures they will be posted.

Limited Edition mech
Agrotera Jumper - $20.00
Agrotera Standing (December Pre-Release) $15.00

Convention Specials
Ares (Prime plus all Configurations) $49.95 each
Poseidon $49.95
Set of all Six Tripod Mechs (one of each Ares Config, plus Poseidon) $250.00
NOTE: Other Configurations of Ares (besides Prime) will be in limited supply, along with the Set of all Six.
The Assembly Instructions

Kurita 3145 Lance Pack $45.00
Made up of Rokurokubi, Shiro 2P,
Hitotsume-Kozo 1P, and Hatamoto-Suna

Scapha Hovertank Pack $39.95
Made up of Scapha Hovertank Prime through H, so 9 tank bodies and variant turrets.

July Releases and New Web Only release
20-5099 Bruin $14.95
20-5101 Gunsmith $9.95
20-5102 Eyrie (Standard) $10.50
BT-295 Procyon (Standing) ProtoMech $5.95
NOTE: 20-5100 Vulpes is pushed to September

April Releases for sale on IWM web store

April 2014 Releases are posted in the New Release Category.

April Releases
20-5090 Stinger IIC (Standard) $8.95
20-5091 Aithon Assault Transport (Standard) $13.75
20-5092 Doloire DLR-O Prime $14.95
20-5093 Lament LMT-2R $13.50
20-5094 Jackalope JLP-BD $9.95

Doloire picture will be updated with anew image once we have a correct painted copy with the antenna on the torso.

Historicon 2014 Convention, July 17th to 20th

Historicon 2014 - Fredericksburg, VA - July 17th - 20th, is coming up and IWM will be at the convention represented by Jim Fox.

Also available at the Conventions, ThreeBond Super Glue, IWM Paint Brushes, X-Marx Terrain, IWM Resin Terrain, and Map Scale & Mech Scale Dropships.

Attached to this post are some PDF's for the blister product and small Battle Armor and Micro Fighters in the Blue Bins.

July Archive Special Return Poll

Over at the IWM Forum on Battletech.com, we have the July Archive Special Return Poll. The poll is open until July 15th 2014 and the top four winners will be sold for the month of July without the Archive Fee.

Website Move Saturday June 28th

Saturday June 28th between 7AM and 9AM the website will be in Maintenance mode so that we can move it to a new web server. So during this time frame customer will not be able to order any product since all web based application will be disabled.

2014 Convention Listing is updated

See the Convention Listing for the details.

May Archive Special Return Poll

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